Looking Back

by J.V Krakowski

Last night, I saw a photo on Facebook with a quote, “I know everything happens for a reason, but what the fuck?!” Nothing described 2020 better than that, if you ask me. Was there anyone that didn’t do something in excess for that year?

According to the American Heart Association, alcohol sales were up 54%. I know quite a few people that helped keep that number up. As trapped extroverts, I understood that prolonged time alone was taxing for them. Personally speaking, I found it refreshing.

There were things that I missed, even as introverted as I am. I wanted to eat at a restaurant and go to a movie. I wanted to socialize my baby (who had been born the previous year). I wanted to stop wearing a mask.

I have thalassemia, and I was on the high risk list. That didn’t leave me with much to do, honestly. I went back to college, but I couldn’t tell you when I started that. I struggled with my own mental health (non-quarantine related) and a host of other problems.

On top of it all, I was struggling to keep my business open.

Remember when I said everyone did something in excess? Well, I exited 2020 pregnant with a second baby. Jonathan, my husband, and I wanted another baby, but I hadn’t planned on it happening so quickly.

So, I came into 2021 pregnant, miserable, and looking for better things. I was happy that we were installing a new administration. I had a new, good paying job. I’ll be wrapping up my master’s degree.

I need a good year of positive progress. I understand that 2020 was hard on everyone, but I’m coming out of a 4-year hell haul.

American Heart Association

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