Writing Content for Better Reading [UPDATED]

It takes four seconds for people to decide whether the content is worth reading. Everything from font and format to site design and layout will affect their decision. However, nothing makes readers click away faster than ill-written content.

Looking Back

Last night, I saw a photo on Facebook with a quote, “I know everything happens for a reason, but what the fuck?!” Nothing described 2020 better than that, if you ask me. Was there anyone that didn’t do something in excess for that year?

According to the American Heart Association, alcohol sales were up 54%. I know quite a few people that helped keep that number up. As trapped extroverts, I understood that prolonged time alone was taxing for them. Personally speaking, I found it refreshing.

Meet Panda

Everyone needs a mascot, so I created a cute panda that I intend to plaster on merchandise that I’ll be selling. The designs are originals of mine, and I’m very proud of them. I’ll have an entire line of my (currently unnamed) panda in various scenes. This was at the suggestion of close friends and family that saw me doodling the character a few months back.

I have yet to name my panda or choose a real gender, but those will be coming soon.

Behind the Scenes: Creating the Website

Everyone likes knowing what happens behind the curtains. Knowing you’re in on a secret is an enticing feeling that most people take at first opportunity. It’s a sense of adventure that makes behind-the-scenes content interesting. I thought a little behind-the-scenes action would be a breath of fresh are for everyone.